C Whitehorn  -  Sculptor
the Goddess
in a Few of Her Myriad Manifestations,
Birthing the World

the Goddess...(underside)
the Goddess...
1992 by C Whitehorn
7"h x 15"w x 7"d & 50 lbs

Danby Imperial Marble with rose quartz
This piece is displayed on a red velvet pillow on a rosewood base.

Unquestionably the longest name of any of my sculptures.
Here on the underside she births the world, while the top shows the Goddess in parts of her no legged, two legged, and four legged aspects.
Danby Imperial is a fine grained sculpture marble that carves beautifully, can take fine details, and polishes to a high shine. This piece has a rose quartz ball set into the underside.
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