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Figure Fragment VII

Figure Fragment VII
Figure Fragment VII
1993 by C Whitehorn
13"h x 5"w x 4"d
Utah Translucent Orange Alabaster
on Paduck wood base


This is carved in orange Alabaster from central Utah.
The brilliant glow of this translucent alabaster comes from being sunlit from behind. Even a very good photo would not be able to do justice to this lovely piece.

This is one of a series that I call Figure Fragments. Because I leave the original broken edges of the stone, they look like fragments from a larger piece. And indeed alabaster must be carved carefully because it both splits and bruises easily. It is important to follow the feel of the stone or you can end up with nothing but, yes, fragments after putting in many hours of work. The Alabaster polishes to a very fine finish. For me, the wonderful lush color suggests the subject.

My stone carvings always sell right away, usually shortly after they are finished, but I have had deposits on a number of them before they were even completed. You may choose to have me add your name to my list of people who wish to be informed, with no obligation to buy, when I have a new stone piece of the sort in which you are interested.

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