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Spirit Gift
Spirit GiftSpirit Gift

Spirit Gift
1998 C Whitehorn
Bronze with sterling silver or bronze feather
11"h x 9"w x 6" d
on oak base with built-in turntable
edition size limited to 25 with some still available

Wolf is the teacher who offers us the Spirit Gift of Self-knowledge which is so often missing in this world. She offers us a feather as the symbol of her gift.

The Eagle feather symbolizes Honor and the kind of personal power that can come only through honor.

The Turkey feather is for both Abundance and Generosity in our lives - when we have turkey we have not only enough for ourselves but enough to share with others, and as we give we also receive.

The Bald Eagle feather is for Elder Magic - the Wisdom that can be gained only through age and experience.

Raven is both Trickster and Creator, and the feather symbolizes the Ceverness and Creativity that is inherent in all of us when we allow it to emerge.

Owl sees into the dark places and brings us Insight.

Hawk is the far-seeing one who offers Clarity.

Spirit Gift comes with your choice of the above feathers, or with another you might suggest, or with several feathers hanging from a spirit wand which she would hold.

Spirit Gift may wear a necklace or Medicine Bag either of your design or mine.

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