C Whitehorn  -  Sculptor
(White Buffalo Woman)

Ptesanwin (White Buffalo Woman) front

Ptesanwin (White Buffalo Woman) back

1996, 1999 by C Whitehorn
9"h x 12"w x 9"d
Bronze with bronze and sterling silver pipe
on oak base with built-in turntable
limited edition of 25 and is still available

Ptesanwin is the Holy Woman who brought the Sacred Pipe and other sacred ceremonies to the Teton Lakota people. She teaches us to connect to with the Great Spirit and about the oneness of all beings. She has tobacco, sage and sweetgrass to carry our prayers to the heavens.
In her hands she offers us the pipe. The pipe bag and the sage fan are in her lap and the braid of sweetgrass is in front of her. Her burden bag is decorated with a medicine wheel with a white buffalo in the center.

If you have a Pipe in your family or your dreams, you may submit a photo or drawing of it to have Ptesanwin holding one like it.

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