C Whitehorn  -  Sculptor
as a Cougar
Pasht as a Cougar
Pasht as Cougar (back)
1990, 1999 by C Whitehorn
5"h x 11"w x 6"d
on oak base with built-in turntable
limited edition of 25 with some still available

Pasht is our beautiful, sensual lazy, and secretly dangerous big cat nature.
She smiles behind her mask and casually luxuriates draped in soft fur
with her claws sheathed - for now.
The Cougar (felis concolor) is also known as Puma or Mountain Lion, but she is more closely related to our house cats than she is to the lion. She is the only Big Cat native to North America. She is powerful, quiet, solitary, and shy.

Pasht may also be ordered as a Tigeress, Snow Leopard, Jaguar, Leopard, black Panther, or as your own favorite kitty.
She cannot be a lioness, a cheetah, or a Manx.
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