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C Whitehorn - Sculptor

Enraptored back Enraptored
©1989, 1998 C Whitehorn
22"h x 16"w x 10"d
Bronze with sterling silver talons
on antique verde marble and oak base with built-in turntable
limited edition of 25 with none still available


Enraptored is all our flight dreams. She is the freedom for our spirits to soar and leap out to the heavens. She, like all the hawks and eagles, is a raptor, but she is a kestrel, not an eagle, a small hawk that is swift and agile and beautiful.

It is possible that at some future time that one of the owners of Enraptored may choose to sell her. If you are interested in purchasing her, I will be happy to put your name on a list for future reference.

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