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Sea Fantasy Chess Set

This shows pieces from each side. No two figures are ever exactly alike.

King's Bishop

Queen Queens Bishop


Right Knight Left Knight Rook

A few of the Pawns. Every pawn differs.

Sea Fantasy Chess Set
1980, 1999 by C Whitehorn
3"h x 16"w x 16"d
bronze and etched glass
limited edition of 25 with some still available

No two pieces in this set are ever identical

This chess is thirty-two miniature sculptures.
The King is Triton riding a dolphin; his crown is a starfish.
The Queen is Neriad also on a dolphin, blowing a conch horn.
The two Bishops are a merman and mermaid,
the Knights are hyppocamps, sea horses with fish tails, and
the Rooks are dolphins, swift and far ranging.
The Pawns are sixteen octopedes, arm wrestling for position.
The board is " heavy plate glass etched with dolphins and octopedes.

This is truly a unique set for the Chess collector or the dedicated player.

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